Some weeks just drag on don't they? Anyway it's Friday. If all things go well in school today for Gregs we go to Burger King for dinner. Who says bribery doesn't work? lol

Anyway, the next step in the countdown to Christmas is the budget. And I already mentioned that I have a Christmas club, so over the weekend I will sit down and review that and my gift list.

This weekend I hope to move some flowers into a new home, some garden clean up. We were supposed to have a heavy frost last night, but it was 36 degrees this morning, so yes it was nippy, but no major frost. Bummer too, because I know my husband would love to see the lawn stunted at this point.

As far as organizing goes in my plans to get it together, I made a menu plan for the next week. And I have my shopping list ready, we’re really watching our spending so I’ve really been going over coupons, sale items and what not. It took me awhile last night to get it all together, but if it saves us money, then it’s okay.
There is also this site called www.ocpnet.org. It’s a site that guides you in sending expired coupons overseas to our military families, where they are allowed to use expired coupons. Check it out.

I also went around the last time I was in Walmart, Dollar General and Shoprite and wrote down prices of items we always use. I’m shocked at the difference in all the stores.

I think I’m going to follow the tip of http://smallnotebook.org/2008/09/17/a-solution-for-lost-papers-and-late-bills/ and I’m going to make the bill paying notebook. This way I can leave it on the counter in my kitchen where most of the mail comes in and just slide upcoming bills into it. First to find the items I need to make it. I already have a binder, just need to hunt down the rest.

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Rachel said...

Hey, it's so nice to hear that idea might work for you. I hope your week gets off to a great start.