The snake that didn't get away...

Okay I know it was only a garter snake but it was long and big around and scared the crap out of me. I hate snakes and so does my husband. And when I was in the garden the other day and jumped he knew what it was. We have a rock wall surrounding our garden, yes I know they like to live there so it's like we invited them. But I don't want them. Usually when I work in the garden I bang the shovel on the rocks to let them know I'm coming so they can slither on into their hole and not scare me. Well my hubby who has been dubbed my hero, he got the snake on Sunday. Now Julia wasn't scared to look at while it was dead. I made sure I was still a good 10 feet away. And my hero he threw it in the woods and never looked back.
I'm still shivering just thinking about it.

Getting on the blog train...

Not quite sure why I've decided I need to do this. Who actually is going to read what I have to say? But hey why not.

Who is Leland and why do I want to know about his life? Well Leland is not a he, it is a they. That is our name. And I thought maybe I would ramble about our life. Although I can't say that it's an exciting life. Hubby and I work. We have 2 cute kids and 2 cats who run our lives.

First ramble, as I drove home from work today I noticed something. And I know it's not just the area I live in. I am in a rural area (30 miles to closest mall) Only major store here right now is Wally World and Dollar stores. How pathetic is that! Anywho, what is up with people and the trash in their yards? Now neat freak I am not. And I'll admit my counters have clutter, and the living room usually looks like Toys R Us threw up in there, but people if the car doesn't run get rid of it. Pick up the garbage that's on the ground. Get rid of the appliance that died just don't make it a flower bed!!!! I know there are extreme circumstances, someone could be ill or you don't have a truck to get rid of it. But you must know somone who has a truck. Geez! And lawn furniture is not the sofa that isn't good enough for the living room anymore. Know what I mean????

Well that's my first blog I guess. Aren't you glad you read it?