for those of you that have paid any attention to my crazy ramblings on here, may they be far and few. I just found out my mom doesn't have cancer. Last May one week after finding out my dad had bladder cancer the doctors told my mom she had lung cancer. Which wasn't a shock she smoked for 50 years. They gave her about a year. She didn't want treatment she's 71. She has emphemsyma and is like on major oxygen. Fast fwd to about 2 weeks ago. The dr who told her she had cancer was not her regular doctor, but the dr on call at the hospital that weekend. So because of issues to long to go into. She made an appt w/ this dr for last week. She walks into his office and he is shocked to see her. He decided they should do a new scan. That was last week. They called her this week and said. It's not a tumor. Holy Cow!!!!! Now while I would like to know what they did see. I'm just glad that we don't have that hanging over us anymore. She still can't do much w/out having trouble breathing but now she's not waiting to die.


and the word of the year: BALANCE

So there's this Life Artist named Ali Edwards http://aliedwards.typepad.com/ she pretty cool. Got a cool scrapping style. Well she's got this word of the year thing going on. A word to focus on for the year. So I thought at first, I don't have time for this. Then I was reading other people's blogs and one of my favorites Cathy Zielske http://cathyzielske.typepad.com/ chose the word BALANCE. Hmmm I thought. Maybe I should try this. I could really use some balance in my life as Cathy stated on her blog. I work full time outside of the home leave at about 8am and returning at 5:30 each day. I have two kids 6 and 3. Greg gets speech therapy and PT during the week. Julia has school all week and keeps my weekends busy with dance and sunday school. My house has been suffering. I have been suffering. I need a way to balance work, family, our home and myself (including my creativity). I need to go back to Flylady http://www.flylady.net/ I know her system works if I would just do it. I've already got a lot on my plate I took Stacy Library of Memories class. I have a Circle Journal to do. I need to figure out a way to BALANCE it all so that I stay happy. Cause everybody knows if mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy.


I love it when a bad day gets better

When I got up this morning, I was pretty grumpy and tired. Not enough sleep in the last 48 hrs, no one to blame but myself. Anyways I was running a tad behind, got to the main road to have a work van in the front of the traffic line of 7 doing 45 in a 55. Gas pedal is on the right! Helloo!!!!!!!!!
Dropped Greg off at Karen's and then went on to work. Go to shut my door on the car and the seatbelt doesn't retract all the way and bam, the door pops back open. (It's only a 2003). Just felt grumpy for the first part of the morning. Called various dr's office to make appts for Greg to have them say...I need this, this and this before I can make the appt. So then I had to call his regular dr's office back to get said items.
But by lunch time I remembered, Library of Memories class starts tomorrow. The yahoo BP board said some people got their packages so I was excited to get home and get the mail. Then I figured out what my CJ topic is. Now to create it. And finally my favorite blogger is back. Cathy Z. Missed ya Cathy!
Now off to bed!