Should I rename the Dark and Depressing?

So they've given my mother a year. If the pneumonia won't stay away then I'm not sure how much time she'll have. But the doctor did say they would be able to make her comfortable with drugs when the time comes. My biggest concern is that my kids won't get to know their grandmother which is why it's so important to get memories written down while I can.

Haven't gotten all the info on my dad. He needs a bone scan as they think his cancer may have already gotten into his bones. And even if it hasn't with his heart condition they are not sure if they can treat him.

So lives my life right now. Me who loves to know what's going on and what we are doing next. I'm numb, then I'm crying.


How could it get any worse you ask?

Last week my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer. There are still things to determine but he has it.
Today the doctor told my mother she has lung cancer. Of course she smoked for 50 years what would you expect.

I don't even know what else to say.



I've been waiting for this day all week. It's been a bit stressful see belows posts to know why.

I'm headed up to my parent's house in a few. Going to clean out my childhood room. Um I've been out of that house for 12 years. My mom once said she hadn't done anything because that way it didn't seem like I was really gone. Love my mom!!

So I'm sure to find all kinds of interesting stuff. I know I have these collagey type posters I had made. I'll take pics of them and post them later tonight maybe.

So if anyone actually reads my blog LOL, tell me when you moved out did your parents keep your room as you left? How long did they leave it like that? Or did they change it around right away and what is it now?



Dora the Explorer Live

took the kids today. It was a great show, had taken Jules to the last one about 2 years ago. And it was just as great. The performers really get the kids into it But unfortunately West Point was slacking on the whole how to let lots of people with antsy kids into west point to park and get in to see the show. We sat for 45 minutes just trying to get into the freaking grounds of West Point, we will definately be checking out alternative routes for future reference. I love going to Eishenhower Hall. They have great shows, we've now seen Cats, The Nutcracker Ballet, two Dora shows and Gary Allan concert but it was insane today. Okay rant over.



My dad has to have surgery on Friday, they are going to remove tumors from his bladder. My dad is 68 and in great shape really. But this poor man has had more issues. After I was born, he went through testicular cancer, he's had a burst appendix, quadruple bypass, gall bladder removed and just last year he had a hernia surgery. everytime the doctor has said, don't do this anymore...he stopped, get more exercise...he has. It's not fair. He's a good man. Never done anyone harm. So we wait and see what they have to say about the tumors.

On top of this, my mother who is 70 has emphesema. And she has panic attacks. That's not good. So of course the fact that my father is having surgery has just sent her over the edge. So she goes to the doctor the other day about something else (she hadn't been feeling well) does she tell the doctor???? Umm NO! So I have to call the doctor on Monday to see if he can do something. And give him some info on my mother. Like the fact that she's already headed for alzheimer's. I don't know if it's too late for meds or not. It runs in her family. But given the fact that she has panic attacks over things. Me telling her she should have a visit with a neurosurgeon is sure to surely push over the edge. I don't even know how to bring it up to her.


Top Ten Cravings

On another blog I saw a blog challenge of list the Top Ten Food Cravings so here you go.

List ten food cravings that you easily cave in to! If there was one offered, you’d never turn it down.

1. Mountain dew- don't know what it is about the taste but I LOVE it! The only thing is I can't drink after 4pm or up waaayyy to late at night!
2. Chewy chocolate brownies!!!
3. Oatmeal Rasin cookies, soft chewy ones (squillen from 2peas makes awesome ones)
4. Oreo cookies
5. Almond Joy Cookies-these are no longer allowed in my house as per me.
6. Cheesecake
7. Irish soda bread (my recipe only it's in the Peas recipe book)
8. a taco dip recipe I make, it's too die for, (I'll include it later)
9. McDonald's french fries-I've been known to eat my kids!!!
10. Port wine cheese spread!!
Quite the odd combo of foods huh. I'm sure there are more. But I can't think of them at the moment. Of course this post post, explains the weight loss post below. LOL



I'm very frustrated right now. But some background info is necessary first. At the end of last summer we had my neighbor Rita come see my son Greg. Rita is a speech therapist and Greg who was 22 months wasn't saying much of anything. She said it was probably worth it to have the Early Intervention Program check him out. Turns out my darling boy has low muscle tone, it explained the drooling, the reason why it wasn't saying much. Turned out he had a major delay. His speech was about 9 mos to a year behind where it should be. So they advised he should have PT 2 x a week and Speech 2x a week. Rita came right away and started. From the beginning PT was difficult the guy wasn't the most reliable. He worked with Greg on and off for about 3 months. Then he opened up his own PT place and no more therapy with Greg. So it's now been 3 months with no therapy. Yesterday I met with the Service Coordinator and Rita (the speech therapist) for his 6 month evaluation. While Greg has progressed some he still needs more speech therapy and Rita says the PT would really help him with that progress. But we can't find a PT who is available and while Rita does help him the PT would help him more so here we sit. Waiting for a PT person. I just want to hear my baby to say more!
Okay today's vent over!


Weight loss challenge

When I graduated high school in 1991I weighed 130lbs. I'm 5'11" so I'm was pretty much one of those girls most women hate. Ate whatever I wanted and didn't gain a pound. Until I switched jobs and sat more. Also that darn depo shot pushed weight my way. But actually I looked healthier. I was too skinny. Fast forward to the year 2000. I had my dd and was a size 14. I wanted to lose 20lbs. But I couldn't do it on my own. Finally I joined weight watchers with my friend and did it. I even became a Lifetime member. I was able to stay that way for 4 months. And low and behold I get preggo w/#2. After ds was born I again on 20lbs to lose. Cool. I managed to get down 10. Then something happened. I got depressed and went on meds. BAM! 190 size 16? What happened to me? So here I am again. I'm down 9lbs. So far. Shooting for 165 and size 12. I'll get there. It may take me awhile but I'll get there. And now I have my friends on Two peas to help me.