Good morning blogland

I do have a cold, but so far it's not too horrible. Let's cross my fingers on that one. My kids were in bed by 8:30 I was in my bed by 9:15. I had rented Season One of Bones - as I just got into this show this year. So I watched the pilot episode and the beginning of the second. I fell asleep before it was over so I'll have to watch it again.

Countdown to Christmas for today is to make a list of who the Christmas Cards go to. I have a book, I believe I bought it from current, that has everyone's address in it. I like it because it has columns for each year and you can check off who you sent to and who sent to you. It lasts about 5 or 6 years.

Tonight is open house, now I've already met Greg's teacher because we went in the day before school starts (he's a kindergartner) Julia's teacher we haven't met yet. I like to meet the teachers to see how they structure they're class room and try and get a feeling for them. We've been lucky so far and all her teachers have been enjoyable. Luckily Julia loves school so that helps tremendously.

Oh yeah and my ipod is Indiana currently. Hopefully it will make it NY by tomorrow.

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