Catching up on the Countdown of Christmas

Day 100-make a binder-done

Day 99-print out calendar pages-done

Day 98-list of who you need to get gifts for-done

Day 97-budget-started

Day 96-family members wish list-working on it

Day 95-get out fall decor-done

Day 94-celebrate fall-will do next weekend

Day 93-Who are you voting for-I think it's a hard decision yet again! done

Day 92-Christmas Cards- I usually make about 30 and then buy store bought for the rest of the people. I actually try to buy my cards after christmas on major clearance sales. I checked and I have some but might need to buy another box or 2. And I have the ideas on the cards I'm making and I am just waiting for the supplies to start them. done

Day 91-I have a great little book I like to use for Sending my cards it's from Current http://www.currentcatalog.com/600189.html?AS=1&keyword=christmas+card+book - done

Day 90-Verify addresses for those on your christmas card list. I am updating this as well.

Day 89-Plan a family outing for fall. My family goes to http://www.danielpiercelibrary.org/pumpkinparty.html every year, it's great fun. - done

Day 88-Get your kids to pick a halloween costume. I always have to have their costumes ready early because the Pumpkin Party mention in Day 89 is the first Saturday in October. This year we are seriously saving money. My son has a John Deere toolbelt w/tools and a hat. So I'm going to dress him up as he says: "worker Greg" and Julia is going to be an Olympic Athlete. I have a sample medal from a High school coach that is red, white and blue so I thought. This will be an easy one. I do however need to get the sweatsuit in red, white and blue. That I'm doing this week.


Jennifer said...

I look forward to reading about all of your Christmas planning successes! Thanks for participating in 100 Days to Christmas!!


Heather said...

wow that list is awesome you totally make me want to get on things a little more for the holiday.