Balance-month two

Well in January I posted about Balance. Scroll down to see that post. Anyways. We've made a few changes to help with balance. And I think it will help once it all gets moving. We took Greg out of his sitter of 3 years. This however was a very hard thing to do as this sitter had also watched Julia. It was a very hard decision for me to move him from his familiar. My familar of the last 6 1/2 years. His sitter was the best ever but by moving him to Project Excel he is in a classroom atmosphere where the teachers can help with his speech. And now instead of the PT and speech therapists coming here, they can go to the school. This is where the balance comes in. I went into work one day a week about 1 1/2 hrs late for his PT. This required me to make up that time the rest of the week. Also his speech therapist was coming at 6pm 5 nights a week. That was also hard as it pushed back our dinner time so sometimes we were rushed. As Kevin works in the garage at night. So far so good. Greg did really well adapting. Even though he can't tell me I know he likes it there. He didn't even cry the first day I left him there all day. How much easier that made it for me. Also my BP class is going well. I'm really enjoying it. Even scrapping a page tonight!! :oO Stacy's ideas are so dead on. Brillant she is. I'd love to meet her in person one day. Unfotunately I'm still working on the house thing, also I need more balance healthwise as well. Need to fit in exercise somewhere. Might actually have to break down and work out during my lunch time.


It's how freaking cold????

I love NY, I love the different seasons, but it doesn't have to be this @#^*#@ cold!!! It's like 10 with a windchill of - something. Negatives are never good! That picture is actually from last weeks snow. It all melted and then we had more on Friday about 3 inches, sad to say the most we've had so far in 2007.