It's Friday...

and I have a lot on my list of things to do. Hopefully the cold will let me. So I've made list.

Things to buy this weekend:
1. food for the week -done
2. birthday present for the little girl's party Greg got invited to -a Hannah Montana doll
3. ice cream cake for Kev's bday -forgot, will get Tuesday
4. card for Kevin -got
5. Pizza- we always have pizza on Fridays -yum!

Places to go this weekend:
1. Grocery Store -twice-I forgot cat food
2. Pizza Hut for the birthday party - it's interesting to see other people's family dynamics
3. Sunday School - done

Things to do this weekend:
1. Watch some things on the DVR - haven't done
2. Watch the rest of the Bones episodes I have on DVR nope
3. Grocery shop -yup
4. laundry -still working on it
5. pull out clothes for Gregs that doesn't fit - maybe
6. wash kitchen floor -uh no
7. if it's not raining too hard I wouldn't mind pulling some of the weeds that I let over take the garden this summer - it is raining too hard
8. pull out clothes that I won't wear again - nope
9. work on some cards - I did this!
10. regular cleaning and organzing of our stuff. - working on

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