Challenge by Sophia

I saw Sophia post this this challenge on the pub board over at Two Peas so I thought I'd try it.

1) When was the last time you truly watched at a sunset? I couldn't even tell you. I don't know that I ever have. Isn't that kind of sad.
2) What are you most obsessive about? I'm not anymore, I used to be about my music and videos being alphabetical but with the kids, that's impossible.
3) Last thing you ate? Lean Cuisine Chicken Fettucini-it's my lunch time.
4) Any plans for Halloween? Taking the kids out
5) What kind of shampoo do you like? Pantene for color treated hair
6) What do you do with your change? I have one of those things that helps you roll your change. I put my change in there until each roll is full then I cash it in.
7) What do you usually do/eat at lunchtime? A lean cuisine. It's just easier
8) When was the last time you called someone for help? What was it for? I don't know, I guess Saturday, looking for a sitter for the kids.
9) If you could have one TOY for Christmas, what would it be? A laptop
10) How many people have you currently not forgiven for something/do you hold a grudge against? I don't have any grudges.


Random Thoughts

Well since I seem to be the worst blogger ever.

Let's see what has been going on. Fall is upon us. We will be going upstate on Saturday for the holiday weekend to Lowville. Little town, my inlaws own a place up there. It'll be great to get away. And it'll be the most beautiful drive with the leaves changing.

Julia started dance again, this year it's ballet/jazz and hip hop. She's loving hip hop big time. And she's got the groove baby.

Greg's therapy is coming along. Tomorrow is one year since he had his intial evaluation. He's doing better with the speech, coming along, any day now it will click and he will be spouting out sentances.

Dad's doing better. It's been about 8 weeks since he had his bladder removed. Things in the beginning were tough for him, but it's gotten alot better.

Mom is doing good too. You'd never know they told us she had about a year. Maybe she'll prove them wrong and live longer, show that ol Irish spirit!