It's Thursday

It’s Thursday. Yay! That means tomorrow is Friday. Woohoo! It’s also my dh’s 20 year high school reunion. Heehee, I’m laughing because there is 6 years age difference with us and I haven’t had my 15 yet. I only pick on him a little. I actually like his class better than my own. We went to the same school. Although we didn’t know each other back in school. Our classes were small, his class was like 60 people. Mine was 75. Anyways it should be lots of fun. Today I have to Greg for his brace, he walks with his right foot turned in. He already has a nighttime brace today is the walking brace. I have no idea what it will look like other than it fits inside his shoe. I’m sure it won’t slow him down any. He’s like the energizer bunny.


One of those days

You know them, you know all about them. I’m sure you’ve had them, well today is mine. Leaving for work this morning it’s 7:25 Greg is already in the car I came back into the house to get my bags and I’m saying to myself. I feel like I’m forgetting something. But I have my lunch, mountain dew’s, charger for pda since the battery is low and I need it today. Oh well. Half way to the sitters, oh yeah, I forget to put on eyeliner, brush my teeth and take my pill. Good thing I keep a tooth brush at work huh. I have mascara in my purse, that’s better than nothing. I’ll worry about the other when I get home.
Get to work, listen to a funny story about a coworker. Go to get my breakfast out my bag the baggie is wet. One of the cans of mountain dew has a hole in and has leaked in the bottom of my bag. AAAGGGHHH! The charger plug put a hole in the can. So I take everything out wipe it off. Nothing major although some of my pics did get wet but at least they are saved on the hard drive at home.
Good things are coming after work I have to run to Walmart (not so good) buy some stuff then I’m going to my friend’s house who is an Stampin Up Demonstrator. We are going to play with the new Hodgepodge Hardware kit. I’m so excited. Being where there are no lss, and I never get to AC Moore or JoAnn’s this is like my only chance to get all the metal stuff. So cool. I’ll upload what I make tonight or tomorrow. Depends what time I get home.

I'm still learning

Here I am still trying to learn how to blog. I read some of the others at 2peas and they are so cool. But it's not like I've spent alot of time checking things out either. Dang that job I have, it gets in the way of all my fun!! Oh well. By the way the pic is of my kids. Love this shot.


God Bless London

When I got to work today and heard the news about the bombings in London. I was stunned to say the least. The pictures of the bus, terrifying. I brought children into this world and this is what they have to look forward to? While I hope my children experience everything they want and are able to go wherever they want. But things like this scare the tar out of me. No one can control it. If they want to bomb they will. I send prayers to everyone over there.
I don't know anyone in London, and I don't really know anyone who knows anyone. But I am sad today.


What Two Peas can teach you.

I've learned alot in the 8 1/2 months that I've become a fellow follower of 2 Peas. For anyone in my family who may read this, it's twopeasinabucket.com a website where fellow scrapbookers can shop, talk about everything and anything and learn alot from each other. I started following the pub board pretty regularly in December. Everyone there cracks me up. Everyone has something to offer whether it be photo tips, journaling, industry related items. Or things not related to scrapbooking. The latter being the most fun usually. I've learned that I have SO MUCH more to learn about scrapbooking and that is a good thing. I want to learn more. I want to grow as an artist (which I am surprisingly) I want to learn to journal better and leave my family with something important. Who know if anyone from 2 Peas will even read this. But thank you everyone of you for contributing just a little bit. Your praise warms my heart on my not so strong layouts. And I will get better as I learn from all of you.