Good Tuesday!

It's not morning so I can't say good morning. So good Tuesday. Not sure it was a good Tuesday for me. I had a 9am dentist appt. Fillings. Ugh. Which I think is the first time in 2 years that I've had work done other than cleanings, so for me that's pretty good. The weather lately has been perfect fall weather. Sunny not too warm, I'd love to take a day off work to do some stuff around the house. However, I can't take a day, I need to save that time. In fact myhusband just asked me about taking his birthday off with him to go for one last boat ride before putting the boat away, but I just don't have the time. I might check to see if I squeek out a few hours though.

100 Days till Christmas daily to do is Day 93: making sure you are registered to vote. Well I am so that's already taken care of. But what are you to do if you aren't sure of either candidate. I'm leary of both so it's like pick the lesser of the two evils? I don't know. I don't like to get into politics so that's enough on that topic.

House organizing, still working on it. Not getting very far, I have great lists made, it's just the carrying them out ya know. Friday can't get here fast enough. For two reasons. One my ipod should be here - side note on the ipod I ordered yesterday as you know and I went online today to see if it shipped (it does say with in 24hours) and it says it shipped from Shezhen, CN - that's not Canada that's China. Any way I'm also going to my friend BJ's house, she's a Stampin Up demonstrator. And I'll be making stuff. I love making stuff.

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