Where the heck has Peggy been?

And does anyone care? :o)
Busy and just not feeling the blog mood ya know? I'm actually in awe of those that blog everyday. Sometimes I feel like I don't have anything to say, but all the blogs I read are just about regular things and everyday life. So a quick update about me and my family.
Greg is in Preschool and potty training!!!!!! I actually just spoke to one of his teachers the other morning and he's doing well with both. I met with Julia's teacher today in fact at a parent teacher conference and she said that Julia is doing really well. She's first in the math speed drills. Her reading level is at 81 and she needs to be a 90 by June.
I'm glad both kids seem to like school. I hope this continues.
Julia had a bout with lice. Ugh! And that's all I'm going to say about that.
My darling hubby turned 40. I turned 34. We saw Gretchen Wilson in concert on my bday, she was great.
Halloween is coming. Julia is going to be a hippie and Greg is going to be Mater from the movie Cars.
Apparently my mother had to go back for more tests. They thought they saw something again. She smoked for 50 + years there is a good chance that lung cancer will take over. She's kind of doing the ostrich thing, sticking her head in sand and hoping for the best.
My dad is pretty much back to normal from his bladder removal surgery of over a year ago now. Last May to January was just so stressful but for now it's all good.
I'm beginning to get things together for Greg's birthday. We're going to do a Mickey Mouse theme. He loves Mickey Mouse Playhouse.
I've started my Holiday Control Journal ala Flylady. Starting to think about what I want to give as gifts. And starting a wish list of my own.


I don't think my hearing will ever be the same!

Well summer ends this weekend. Not by the calendar. But once Labor Day hits, summer is over for me. Anyway, this summer was a blast. In previous posts I told you that I would be going to many concerts at Bethel Woods http://www.bethelwoodslive.org/ Last night was the last one. So this year I saw Brad Paisley who was amazing. Then we saw Terri Clark, Gary Allen (who is my fav) and Trace Adkins. And is he one big hunk of man! Then we saw Lynyrd Skynyrd. And last night we saw Ray Price, Meryl Haggerd and Willie Nelson. Wow every concert we saw was awesome. I totally think if you have the opportunity to see any of these performers. Run don't walk!


Love this photos

My oldest nephew graduated from high school a few weeks ago. And his party was yesterday. So we went. Rob is also my son Greg's godfather. These were my favorite photos from yesterday. Where is my daughter? She made friends and I didn't see her for most of the day.



So yesterday was the 4th. Having it on a Wednesday was no fun. I like when we get a three day weekend not just a day off in the middle of the week. And to top it off it rained all day. At some points it rained very hard! So we stayed inside and were couch potatoes all day. But it did break up the work week, which is actually a plus in my book.

I had to laugh today as I dropped my son off at daycare the teachers commented at how dressed up I was. One I'm wearing a dress, which I hardly ever do and Two I wore it to work. My job is very casual, jeans are allowed. All summer I wear I capri's and sandals. But today we were having visitors so everyone looked very pretty and handsome dressed up.

Our summer weekends are starting to fill up. Graduation parties, my dh and his friends all turn 40 this year so we've been invited to many of those. A wedding and some concerts on the list of things to do.

A very nice man passed away the other day. He worked for my in laws, my dh had worked with him and he had done some carpentry work in our house. He died while helping some elderly friends of his in a freak sort of accident. Won't go into details, however he was born and died on his birthday and while at the service on Tuesday we were told by his mom he also died during the same hour he was born. He will be greatly missed by all.

I had hoped my dh would have our camper fixed up in time to take it for a test run this summer. I'm not sure he will though. We bought it used at the end of the summer last year. It's like 20 years old but still in decent shape. I have actually never in my life been camping. In a tent or otherwise. My dad was always super busy in the summers and my mom is from the city and doesn't drive so therefore no camping. But I will camp in camper. Sounds fun but we'll see. My dh maybe to busy to do it this year. We do however have it set up on our property with a little fire pit in front of it. So we could at least camp in our yard if we had to.

We got our driveway sealed this past week. I love the way it looks when it's first done. Of course since we have such a long driveway it is expensive, but it is a home improvement so par for the course I guess once you get your driveway blacktopped.


Summer in Sullivan

County that is, that's where I live. And you know what, my local newspaper even wrote about it here's the article:
Times Herald-Record June 28, 2007
Summer means barbecues, the sun and the beach. In Sullivan County, it also means gridlock — on roads and in supermarkets — and knishes.
This is the weekend when Sullivan's population triples, jumping from about 78,000 to more than 250,000 seasonal folks who flock to camps, bungalows and getaway homes. They turn country roads into city streets, express checkouts into slow lanes, and boarded-up shops into busy businesses.
Here's how to survive and thrive during Sullivan summer:
Traffic: Driving through South Fallsburg on Route 42, where an Orthodox Jewish community springs to life every summer, can feel more like a rush-hour trip through Times Square. When the Sabbath ends Saturday nights, cars pack Woodbourne. Traffic doesn't move — it creeps, crawls and lingers.
The same goes for Route 17B, on which thousands will travel to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.
"What I say to the public is stay away from 17B as much as possible to avoid traffic," said Ray Neuenhoff, a Bethel constable. (For the back way to Bethel Woods, see recordonline.com)
Getting jammed in a long line of cars is almost inevitable. So how do you cope?
Leave early, bring music and be patient. Some folks use less congested back roads or Route 17. They don't travel Friday afternoon or Sunday evening.
Shopping: The checkout lines can be so long they drive shoppers into neighboring counties. Rather than fight crowds at Sullivan's three most crowded stores — Wal-Mart and ShopRites in Monticello and Liberty — some people head for Ellenville, or western Sullivan.
But if you must go to Sullivan's big three grocers, when is the best time? A cashier at one of those shops thought about it. Then, with the timing of an old Borscht Belt comedian, she said, "Never."
She reconsidered. "Maybe Saturday."
Translation: That's the Sabbath for Orthodox Jews. But"¦
"Everyone else shops on Saturday," she says.
So what's the best time?
"September," she finally says.
Treats to eat: Craving delicacies like kasha varnishkes? Killer knishes?
Now's your time to feast — in spots like Monticello, Fallsburg and Liberty. Many fine Jewish bakeries reopen as seasonal residents settle into their homes.
Steve Moss, owner of the Rock Hill Diner, said his favorite is Izzy's Knish Nosh in Loch Sheldrake. He's been eating their treats since he was a boy in Brooklyn.
"I just bought a dozen," he said. "I keep 'em in the fridge, freeze 'em and throw 'em in the microwave."
So grab a knish. It'll keep you happy if you get stuck in traffic.


It's summer how can I tell?

Over the weekend my nice little calm county went from about 70,000 people to about 100,000 + and by 4th of July weekend it should be about 200,000+. It takes me twice as long to get home and I keep praying that one of our summer visitors won't hit me on the ride home. Fridays. I call it the Rushoma 500.

Oh and don't even try to set foot in Walmart right now (it's the only major dept store here) unless it's first thing in the morning otherwise the place is wreck and the lines are long.

But enough whining. My dd started summer camp today. No more watching for the bus in the morning. Yee Hah!

And it's the summer of concerts I'll be attending 4 concerts at the place on the left. It's the original site of the 1969 Woodstock Concert. We went 2 times last year. We saw Brad Paisley and Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

This year we're going to see Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, Jack Ingram and Kelly Pickler. Then Trace Adkins, Gary Allen and Terri Clark. Lynyrd Skynyrd with Marshall Tucker Band, and finally Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Ray Price. I can't wait. My babysitters are going to make a mint off us this year.


So much...

A girl I knew from high school a few years older than me died last week from complications from surgery. She leaves behind a beautiful daughter 14, a son 10 who is in remission from Leukemia and a husband who is finally recovered from a horrible logging accident. It's too sad.

As is the little boy of a fellow board member of two peas. 13 is much to young to die for any reason. Makes me wonder about a lot of things.

Good things - my son, he speaks and he doesn't stop. lol It's a good thing yes. But sometimes he drives me nuts. dd 7 never stops talking as it is and now him too. Cocktail please!!! I've signed ds up for preschool through the program he's in right now. He can already recognize most letters and count to 20. Oh yeah he's 3 1/2. I'm impressed, let me tell you. Right now his favorite thing is noggin.com loves playing with all his favorite shows.

Spring is here and I'm loving it. Hopefully this weather will keep up. And while the moon isn't full till Wednesday. It looked awesome in the clear sky tonight.


I don't know what to say.

I'm lost, there was a girl who's kind of local to me. The next county over. http://www.recordonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070418/NEWS/704180344 That was one of the students killed. And then on the 2peas board I know of one pea who said she lost a friend.
I don't undertand, this guy showed that he had problems. But it was ignored? Speechless.


I hate when people try to screw you over

A year and 1/2 ago we had this guy build our bar and home entertainment area. Well the bar inself cost about $4k. But it's goregous,made out of expensive wood. Had some custom detail made in it. Fine it will be there as long as we own the house.

Fast forward last week. The guy who did this came to measure my office area for a long countertop area and 3 cabinets. This is to be made out of cheaper materials. Birch plywood which I thought was cheaper. And since I already have the plain white cabinets from Home Depot - something white to match somewhat. He came back today and told us $4300. It's 2 feet wide and I forget how many feet long but still.

I know we have a nice house and we have parents who have money (he's a cabinet maker for my inlaws sometimes). But we don't have the money. So while he mentioned he was going to get started this week. And I was at first excited to have my room soon!!! We're calling him back and saying thanks but no thanks. I think supplies are $1500 and $2800 profit. He sees us as a cash cow and this time we're not!



Okay I've been informed I don't update much. so here are some pics. I hope I get the descriptions in order. The first one is my dd after I blow dried her hair. Next is a pic of my kids and their cousins and various adult realitves being cold while Easter Egg hunting, and finally my kids, in our kitchen. Oh the first one of my dd ... You know what she said to me after I showed her what her hair looked like? Mommy do I look like a hot person?


My baby is 7!

She's my baby girl. And at 11:01am she turned 7. It never fails to amaze me how quickly time flys by.

She rocks by the way! And hip hops and ballet. lol She loves to dance. It amazes how she gets it. Kev has no rhythm and neither do I.

I can't imagine my life without her. Even when she drives me crazy she one of the best things that has happened to me.


Balance-month two

Well in January I posted about Balance. Scroll down to see that post. Anyways. We've made a few changes to help with balance. And I think it will help once it all gets moving. We took Greg out of his sitter of 3 years. This however was a very hard thing to do as this sitter had also watched Julia. It was a very hard decision for me to move him from his familiar. My familar of the last 6 1/2 years. His sitter was the best ever but by moving him to Project Excel he is in a classroom atmosphere where the teachers can help with his speech. And now instead of the PT and speech therapists coming here, they can go to the school. This is where the balance comes in. I went into work one day a week about 1 1/2 hrs late for his PT. This required me to make up that time the rest of the week. Also his speech therapist was coming at 6pm 5 nights a week. That was also hard as it pushed back our dinner time so sometimes we were rushed. As Kevin works in the garage at night. So far so good. Greg did really well adapting. Even though he can't tell me I know he likes it there. He didn't even cry the first day I left him there all day. How much easier that made it for me. Also my BP class is going well. I'm really enjoying it. Even scrapping a page tonight!! :oO Stacy's ideas are so dead on. Brillant she is. I'd love to meet her in person one day. Unfotunately I'm still working on the house thing, also I need more balance healthwise as well. Need to fit in exercise somewhere. Might actually have to break down and work out during my lunch time.


It's how freaking cold????

I love NY, I love the different seasons, but it doesn't have to be this @#^*#@ cold!!! It's like 10 with a windchill of - something. Negatives are never good! That picture is actually from last weeks snow. It all melted and then we had more on Friday about 3 inches, sad to say the most we've had so far in 2007.



for those of you that have paid any attention to my crazy ramblings on here, may they be far and few. I just found out my mom doesn't have cancer. Last May one week after finding out my dad had bladder cancer the doctors told my mom she had lung cancer. Which wasn't a shock she smoked for 50 years. They gave her about a year. She didn't want treatment she's 71. She has emphemsyma and is like on major oxygen. Fast fwd to about 2 weeks ago. The dr who told her she had cancer was not her regular doctor, but the dr on call at the hospital that weekend. So because of issues to long to go into. She made an appt w/ this dr for last week. She walks into his office and he is shocked to see her. He decided they should do a new scan. That was last week. They called her this week and said. It's not a tumor. Holy Cow!!!!! Now while I would like to know what they did see. I'm just glad that we don't have that hanging over us anymore. She still can't do much w/out having trouble breathing but now she's not waiting to die.


and the word of the year: BALANCE

So there's this Life Artist named Ali Edwards http://aliedwards.typepad.com/ she pretty cool. Got a cool scrapping style. Well she's got this word of the year thing going on. A word to focus on for the year. So I thought at first, I don't have time for this. Then I was reading other people's blogs and one of my favorites Cathy Zielske http://cathyzielske.typepad.com/ chose the word BALANCE. Hmmm I thought. Maybe I should try this. I could really use some balance in my life as Cathy stated on her blog. I work full time outside of the home leave at about 8am and returning at 5:30 each day. I have two kids 6 and 3. Greg gets speech therapy and PT during the week. Julia has school all week and keeps my weekends busy with dance and sunday school. My house has been suffering. I have been suffering. I need a way to balance work, family, our home and myself (including my creativity). I need to go back to Flylady http://www.flylady.net/ I know her system works if I would just do it. I've already got a lot on my plate I took Stacy Library of Memories class. I have a Circle Journal to do. I need to figure out a way to BALANCE it all so that I stay happy. Cause everybody knows if mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy.


I love it when a bad day gets better

When I got up this morning, I was pretty grumpy and tired. Not enough sleep in the last 48 hrs, no one to blame but myself. Anyways I was running a tad behind, got to the main road to have a work van in the front of the traffic line of 7 doing 45 in a 55. Gas pedal is on the right! Helloo!!!!!!!!!
Dropped Greg off at Karen's and then went on to work. Go to shut my door on the car and the seatbelt doesn't retract all the way and bam, the door pops back open. (It's only a 2003). Just felt grumpy for the first part of the morning. Called various dr's office to make appts for Greg to have them say...I need this, this and this before I can make the appt. So then I had to call his regular dr's office back to get said items.
But by lunch time I remembered, Library of Memories class starts tomorrow. The yahoo BP board said some people got their packages so I was excited to get home and get the mail. Then I figured out what my CJ topic is. Now to create it. And finally my favorite blogger is back. Cathy Z. Missed ya Cathy!
Now off to bed!