My command central

First let me say, I couldn't get the pics to post any where but on top. Grrr. Anyway, One my favorite blogs is http://www.orgjunkie.com/. I always learn something over there, or get a great idea to do something with my own house. Like making a command central. This is where I will keep track of my families life. So above you'll see the calendar we use, it's on my fridge. Also is my grocery list, menu for the week and shopping list for stores other than the grocery store.

The next picture has my cookbooks, a file folder holder which has file folders (to be used for stuff the kids bring home from school, but have to go back like school picture forms etc, I also have a non spiral notebook in there for notes that I will need to write. Behind the file folder holder is my Family binder, that holds all kinds of info I want to keep on hand.

This is only part of command central. I have another area, it's a little cabinet that has some cubby spots that I keep phone books, coupons, extra blank envelopes. I also have in there a box with school stuff that the kids might need to do homework like: markers, pencil sharpner, calculator, ruler, dictionary, tape. I didn't post the pics because I didn't want them up on top too. :o)


It's September

And I’m still on vacation. We went to Delaware for a few days that was nice except for the trip to the ER, clumsy me managed to whack my foot into the step I was going up and it ripped most of my toe nail off, the ER took it the rest of the way off. Of course I just bought a pair of cowboy boots and cute pair of sketcher shoes that I can’t wear right now because it puts pressure on my toe. Went to my doctor today, she said it was starting to get an infection, she cleaned it all out. I have to go get my antibiotic and then go back next week.
Before we went to Delaware we saw Jimmy Wayne, Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley in concert. They were awesome. I think Brad Paisley’s shows are the best. It’s so much more than music. He always has these cool little animation things going on. And I’m pretty sure that he does that himself.
School starts in 6 days and I got a message from the school last night, saying that school would be starting earlier, so that the kids should be ready 10 minutes earlier than last year. That means they will be getting on the bus at 7am. Yuck for me, we are so not the morning people. Guess I better rework my morning/night routines.