Please let it not be a cold...

Last night as I sat at my desk sorting through some recipes, I found that my throat was sore and getting worse. My hope was that it was allergies so when I went to bed I took a Zrytec. Unfortnately these make me a bit groggy in the am. This morning I woke up and got everyone ready and I still don't feel that great. I did however use a Zicam swab, it's helped my nose which was runny. It hasn't done much for my throat. But I've only had one dose so far. We'll see what happens after my second dose.

So what else is on my list for today. I go see my frind Melinda today, she does my nails. I've been getting acrylic nails for years. It's really the only vain thing I do. I usually don't give that much thought to my hair or if I am wearing makeup but I do get my nails done every two weeks.

100 days to Christmas challenge-today's is about christmas cards. I actually need to see if I have any left. I usually hit the after christmas sales to buy my cards, or the dollar store. As a crafty type person I do make some cards, but I only give them to those I think will appreciate them. I have a couple of ideas for cards to make, now I just have to do it.

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