I'm on vacation!!!!

That should be a good thing right? The plan was that I have 2 days without the kids and 1 day with them before Thanksgiving. Christmas shopping on Monday, errands, Hair cut and color on Tuesday and appointments for kids on Wednesday. Kids? Plans? Yeah right. Imagine that. DS (who turns 2 tomorrow) wasn't feeling good. So I took him to Urgent Care on Saturday. Double ear infection and white stuff on his throat. Even though he's been on antibotic since Saturday and hasn't had a fever since Saturday. I can tell he's still feeling crappy so we stayed home today. And I'm probably going to have to reschedule my appt. But my baby is so worth it. I'll post pics of him tomorrow on his birthday.


Love it!

This is my pod. My secret santa rocks!!! Love the new Danny O from k&Company and all this ribbon.

Never thought taking a picture a day would be so hard. But then again I've got so much going on. Between work and my ds (2 in 5 days)who is getting 2 days of PT and 2 days speech therapy a week for having low muscle tone. And regular everyday house and family stuff. Hopefully I can make it through the rest of the month.


November 8th POD

November 8th POD

It's offically cold. It's been wavering at night for a couple of weeks. But my dh has lit the woodstove. It probably won't stay lit but it's cold enough tonight. I love the woodstove. I love the heat it gives off. I love the smell of the wood. I'm just a country girl I guess.


Hanging things

Two things were done today, the hanging of the masks that hung in my dh's grandfathers bar and our outside Christmas lights. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!! Is she nuts? Nope I've learned that you should put them up while it warm out. So out they went this afternoon. It was another beautiful day. It's 3 weeks till Thanksgiving. When I used to hang them then I'd usually freeze. So better to hang them now and light them later.

Now let me explain the pictures. While no they aren't my first choice to hang in my house, I will admit that I have decorated every other room in the house so I have to be fair and let him decorate the bar/playroom. The sign came from the bar his grandfather and then uncles owned. The masks all hung on the walls. So up they went. I have to admit they don't look half bad up there. And they will be a major conversation piece. It's really cool to have a piece of my husbands family's past so it's all good.


What a fun day!!

First it was a beautiful fall day here in the Catskill Mountains. I got to go a scrapbook store, which since the closest I have to that near me is AC Moore and that's 30 miles away. So that was a thrill. I got to meet Suzy and Lizz who were just awesome. Had a blast working with canvas. It was so much fun. And I'm getting sooo many ideas.

I also got the new Sketches book and one of the Scrapbooking on the Wall books. My friend who I went with got the other one. And Suzy was nice enough to autograph them for us. So that's what my pics of the day are of, my shopping trip splurge and my project.



Okay so I fell asleep yesterday and missed posting POD

Geez! I even missed like the final minutes of CSI. I don't know if they showed Grissom going after the other bug guy or not. Showing him he was wrong. All I know was I woke up and Without a Trace was in Mexico. Anyways enough babbling. The POD of 11/3/05 is the picture of the Monahan's Reef sign. It's located in our playroom. It hold a very important memory for my dh. It was his Grandfather's then his Uncles ran it after his grandfather died. This will be the wall of honor I guess you could say. It starts with the sign. Then other pieces of the bar that are in storage will be hung here. As well as some pictures of his deceased grandparents and uncle who will still hold very dear to our hearts.
Todays POD(11-4-05)I had taken with my cell phone, but it appears I cannot download it to the computer. I have to find out how to get the software or whatever I need. So I took a picture of the picture on the cell phone. It kind of loses the effect I was going for. I had taken a picture of my clock in my car that read 5:00pm. Because it's the start of the weekend for me!! Yippee!!

As I mentioned in an earlier thread. I get to go see Fairyscrapmother tomorrow. Plus go to the SS that I've been trying to get to for awhile. Whoo hoo! I'm so easily amused can't you tell. Oh well. Hopefully I'll have great photos of tomorrow.


Photo of the Day

Here is my Nov 2nd photo of the day. My dear dd spent part of the night being sick. So I kept her home just in case. Lord knows I should be at work but I can also use this day to my advantage. I am going to Creative Gatherings on Saturday to take a class with Fairyscrapmother (Suzy) I can't wait! So I'm doing laundry and some cleaning so I can go guilt free.


Photo a Day

Well on my favorite site Two Peas there is a Photo a Day challenge. I'm going to try and partake in it. It'll be hard because there are some days that just seem to busy. And I don't always get on the computer every night but as long as I get the picture I'll get it on the my blog when I can. So here is Nov. 1st photo of the day.