Top Ten Cravings

On another blog I saw a blog challenge of list the Top Ten Food Cravings so here you go.

List ten food cravings that you easily cave in to! If there was one offered, you’d never turn it down.

1. Mountain dew- don't know what it is about the taste but I LOVE it! The only thing is I can't drink after 4pm or up waaayyy to late at night!
2. Chewy chocolate brownies!!!
3. Oatmeal Rasin cookies, soft chewy ones (squillen from 2peas makes awesome ones)
4. Oreo cookies
5. Almond Joy Cookies-these are no longer allowed in my house as per me.
6. Cheesecake
7. Irish soda bread (my recipe only it's in the Peas recipe book)
8. a taco dip recipe I make, it's too die for, (I'll include it later)
9. McDonald's french fries-I've been known to eat my kids!!!
10. Port wine cheese spread!!
Quite the odd combo of foods huh. I'm sure there are more. But I can't think of them at the moment. Of course this post post, explains the weight loss post below. LOL

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Adrienne said...

GOSH IM SO HUNGRY! LOL..great list!