I'm very frustrated right now. But some background info is necessary first. At the end of last summer we had my neighbor Rita come see my son Greg. Rita is a speech therapist and Greg who was 22 months wasn't saying much of anything. She said it was probably worth it to have the Early Intervention Program check him out. Turns out my darling boy has low muscle tone, it explained the drooling, the reason why it wasn't saying much. Turned out he had a major delay. His speech was about 9 mos to a year behind where it should be. So they advised he should have PT 2 x a week and Speech 2x a week. Rita came right away and started. From the beginning PT was difficult the guy wasn't the most reliable. He worked with Greg on and off for about 3 months. Then he opened up his own PT place and no more therapy with Greg. So it's now been 3 months with no therapy. Yesterday I met with the Service Coordinator and Rita (the speech therapist) for his 6 month evaluation. While Greg has progressed some he still needs more speech therapy and Rita says the PT would really help him with that progress. But we can't find a PT who is available and while Rita does help him the PT would help him more so here we sit. Waiting for a PT person. I just want to hear my baby to say more!
Okay today's vent over!


Adrienne said...

So sorry you are frustrated. Hope you find someone soon! {{{{{{HUGS}}}}

SageHen said...

Oh dear, what a challenge.

What causes something like that, anywaw?

SageHen said...

Okay, that last word was a typo ~ not intended to imply any mockery of children learning how to speak. :0