My dad has to have surgery on Friday, they are going to remove tumors from his bladder. My dad is 68 and in great shape really. But this poor man has had more issues. After I was born, he went through testicular cancer, he's had a burst appendix, quadruple bypass, gall bladder removed and just last year he had a hernia surgery. everytime the doctor has said, don't do this anymore...he stopped, get more exercise...he has. It's not fair. He's a good man. Never done anyone harm. So we wait and see what they have to say about the tumors.

On top of this, my mother who is 70 has emphesema. And she has panic attacks. That's not good. So of course the fact that my father is having surgery has just sent her over the edge. So she goes to the doctor the other day about something else (she hadn't been feeling well) does she tell the doctor???? Umm NO! So I have to call the doctor on Monday to see if he can do something. And give him some info on my mother. Like the fact that she's already headed for alzheimer's. I don't know if it's too late for meds or not. It runs in her family. But given the fact that she has panic attacks over things. Me telling her she should have a visit with a neurosurgeon is sure to surely push over the edge. I don't even know how to bring it up to her.

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