How could it get any worse you ask?

Last week my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer. There are still things to determine but he has it.
Today the doctor told my mother she has lung cancer. Of course she smoked for 50 years what would you expect.

I don't even know what else to say.


Cindy said...

Peggy, I saw your post at 2P's and I just want to tell you how sorry I am. I have no words for you, except to tell you I am thinking of you and your family.


Tisham said...

I am so sorry to hear this. I lost both of my parents and three grandparents in a 18 month period all due to cancer. It was heart wrenching :-( Scrapping was defintely what got me through. Very theraputic..I only wish I had had more time to write down everything about them..down to my moms chicken and dumpling recipe...it's the little things I miss the most. I will be thinking about you and keeping you and your family in my prayers.