I've been waiting for this day all week. It's been a bit stressful see belows posts to know why.

I'm headed up to my parent's house in a few. Going to clean out my childhood room. Um I've been out of that house for 12 years. My mom once said she hadn't done anything because that way it didn't seem like I was really gone. Love my mom!!

So I'm sure to find all kinds of interesting stuff. I know I have these collagey type posters I had made. I'll take pics of them and post them later tonight maybe.

So if anyone actually reads my blog LOL, tell me when you moved out did your parents keep your room as you left? How long did they leave it like that? Or did they change it around right away and what is it now?



Anonymous said...

hey! my mom left my room the same for about a year but then she moved to another house and I got a generic guest room after that, lol! I'm sure cleaning it out will be a fun trip down memory lane! :-)

chris jenkins said...

i was about 20 when i moved out - my room quickly got converted into an office/daybed combination

my parents just sort of put everything in a box for me

enjoy the trip down memory lane!

have a good weekend!

Sofia said...

I moved out at age 20 when I got married. I took most of my stuff with me because we didn't have much. Our first bed as a married couple was the full size bed I got when I was in middle school!

My parents moved soon after I got married so that was the end of my childhood room.