I love it when a bad day gets better

When I got up this morning, I was pretty grumpy and tired. Not enough sleep in the last 48 hrs, no one to blame but myself. Anyways I was running a tad behind, got to the main road to have a work van in the front of the traffic line of 7 doing 45 in a 55. Gas pedal is on the right! Helloo!!!!!!!!!
Dropped Greg off at Karen's and then went on to work. Go to shut my door on the car and the seatbelt doesn't retract all the way and bam, the door pops back open. (It's only a 2003). Just felt grumpy for the first part of the morning. Called various dr's office to make appts for Greg to have them say...I need this, this and this before I can make the appt. So then I had to call his regular dr's office back to get said items.
But by lunch time I remembered, Library of Memories class starts tomorrow. The yahoo BP board said some people got their packages so I was excited to get home and get the mail. Then I figured out what my CJ topic is. Now to create it. And finally my favorite blogger is back. Cathy Z. Missed ya Cathy!
Now off to bed!

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