I hate when people try to screw you over

A year and 1/2 ago we had this guy build our bar and home entertainment area. Well the bar inself cost about $4k. But it's goregous,made out of expensive wood. Had some custom detail made in it. Fine it will be there as long as we own the house.

Fast forward last week. The guy who did this came to measure my office area for a long countertop area and 3 cabinets. This is to be made out of cheaper materials. Birch plywood which I thought was cheaper. And since I already have the plain white cabinets from Home Depot - something white to match somewhat. He came back today and told us $4300. It's 2 feet wide and I forget how many feet long but still.

I know we have a nice house and we have parents who have money (he's a cabinet maker for my inlaws sometimes). But we don't have the money. So while he mentioned he was going to get started this week. And I was at first excited to have my room soon!!! We're calling him back and saying thanks but no thanks. I think supplies are $1500 and $2800 profit. He sees us as a cash cow and this time we're not!

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