Where the heck has Peggy been?

And does anyone care? :o)
Busy and just not feeling the blog mood ya know? I'm actually in awe of those that blog everyday. Sometimes I feel like I don't have anything to say, but all the blogs I read are just about regular things and everyday life. So a quick update about me and my family.
Greg is in Preschool and potty training!!!!!! I actually just spoke to one of his teachers the other morning and he's doing well with both. I met with Julia's teacher today in fact at a parent teacher conference and she said that Julia is doing really well. She's first in the math speed drills. Her reading level is at 81 and she needs to be a 90 by June.
I'm glad both kids seem to like school. I hope this continues.
Julia had a bout with lice. Ugh! And that's all I'm going to say about that.
My darling hubby turned 40. I turned 34. We saw Gretchen Wilson in concert on my bday, she was great.
Halloween is coming. Julia is going to be a hippie and Greg is going to be Mater from the movie Cars.
Apparently my mother had to go back for more tests. They thought they saw something again. She smoked for 50 + years there is a good chance that lung cancer will take over. She's kind of doing the ostrich thing, sticking her head in sand and hoping for the best.
My dad is pretty much back to normal from his bladder removal surgery of over a year ago now. Last May to January was just so stressful but for now it's all good.
I'm beginning to get things together for Greg's birthday. We're going to do a Mickey Mouse theme. He loves Mickey Mouse Playhouse.
I've started my Holiday Control Journal ala Flylady. Starting to think about what I want to give as gifts. And starting a wish list of my own.

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Vee said...

i loved LOST last night!! can't wait for the next episode and only six made it off the island, what?!! ;)