So yesterday was the 4th. Having it on a Wednesday was no fun. I like when we get a three day weekend not just a day off in the middle of the week. And to top it off it rained all day. At some points it rained very hard! So we stayed inside and were couch potatoes all day. But it did break up the work week, which is actually a plus in my book.

I had to laugh today as I dropped my son off at daycare the teachers commented at how dressed up I was. One I'm wearing a dress, which I hardly ever do and Two I wore it to work. My job is very casual, jeans are allowed. All summer I wear I capri's and sandals. But today we were having visitors so everyone looked very pretty and handsome dressed up.

Our summer weekends are starting to fill up. Graduation parties, my dh and his friends all turn 40 this year so we've been invited to many of those. A wedding and some concerts on the list of things to do.

A very nice man passed away the other day. He worked for my in laws, my dh had worked with him and he had done some carpentry work in our house. He died while helping some elderly friends of his in a freak sort of accident. Won't go into details, however he was born and died on his birthday and while at the service on Tuesday we were told by his mom he also died during the same hour he was born. He will be greatly missed by all.

I had hoped my dh would have our camper fixed up in time to take it for a test run this summer. I'm not sure he will though. We bought it used at the end of the summer last year. It's like 20 years old but still in decent shape. I have actually never in my life been camping. In a tent or otherwise. My dad was always super busy in the summers and my mom is from the city and doesn't drive so therefore no camping. But I will camp in camper. Sounds fun but we'll see. My dh maybe to busy to do it this year. We do however have it set up on our property with a little fire pit in front of it. So we could at least camp in our yard if we had to.

We got our driveway sealed this past week. I love the way it looks when it's first done. Of course since we have such a long driveway it is expensive, but it is a home improvement so par for the course I guess once you get your driveway blacktopped.

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