Holiday Quiz

First these are my kids. My friend finally was able to get a picture of them for me.
And now a holiday quiz I took from Sophia's Blog http://sophiacorbridge.typepad.com/sentimentsbysophia/

1. Holiday: Christmas or New Years? Christmas
2. Cookies: Sugar or Gingerbread? Sugar
3. Decorations: Santa or Snowmen?
4. Decorations: Reindeer or Elves? Reindeer
5. Colors: Red or Green? Red!
6. Colors: Gold or Silver? Gold
7. Tree Topper: Star or Angel? Angel
8. Stocking Stuffer: Chocolate
9. Tree: Real or Artificial? Real but I might be adding Artificial and then I'll have two trees. One of each.
10. Cartoons: Charlie Brown or Rudolph? Can't choose on that one I love them both. 11. Movie: It's a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Carol? How about Jim Carey in the Grinch that stole Christmas.
12. Stocking Stuffer: Jewelry or Gift Card? Depends on where the gift card was for.
13. Christmas List: I plead the fifth
14. Drink: Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot cocoa but I do like Egg Nog
15. Holiday Ghost: Past, Present, or Future? Present!
16. Vacation Spot: North Pole or Winter Wonderland? Winter Wonderland!
17. Holiday Song: Jingle Bells or Silver Bells? Jingle Bells
18. Holiday Song: Silent Night or O' Holy Night? Do I have to choose? BOTH!
19. More Fun: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Love em both
20. Lights: Clear or Multi-Colored? Clear
21. Ornaments: Bulbs or Bows? Mixture of everything from bulbs to bows, to handmade
22. Tree Decor: Ribbon, Popcorn, or Garland? Ribbon
23. Gifts: Wrapping Paper or Gift Bags? If it's a normal shaped item wrap it. Otherwise, bag it!
24. Better To: Give or Receive? BY FAR, to give! That’s why I’m broke at the end of December...but it feels so gooooooooood!

If anyone else sees this feel free to do it and pass it along.

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Wendy (Wishin4MoreTime) said...

First off, your mantle from your previous post is BEAUTIFUL!!

Secondly, great quiz!