Yes I fell off the blog wagon this past week. Okay let's see did anything exciting happen. Hmm probably not but let me think. And I've been meaning to post all this work but it hasn't happened so let's see what have I done. I moved my stamp storage around in my office. I've made a card since I did and it seems to work pretty well so far. Kevin was away hunting so it was me and the kiddos.
I've become obsessed with yet another author. Actually two; Kathy Reichs and Stephanie Meyer. Kathy Reichs started writing books, which has become the Bones series. And Stephanie Meyer has a series about a vampire family. It's quite interesting. I never thought I would be into vampires. But it's a great story. My friend from work borrowed the second book New Moon from her niece for me. If you are interested in finding out what others are reading check out www.goodreads.com, I like it because it keeps track of all the books you've read and gives you reviews of ones you are thinking about reading.

Okay what I was able to get done this weekend: clear some stuff in the garden, put up our Halloween decorations inside and out, cleared the island which was RIDICULOUS, caught up on some DVR'd shows.

I haven't been keeping up with 100 days of Christmas. So I just checked the blog and here is what's been posted since I last blogged on here.
Day 79-go through stocking stuffer box if you have one, look for things that can be stocking stuffers-I never remember to do this through out the year and end up buying things the last couple of weeks before Christmas. I will start a box/bag now to start filling
Day 78-check out dates for Christmas events-I've taken our daughter to see the Nutcracker before but we don't usually travel to far to see anything. We do however make sure we do a drive to see Christmas light displays
Day 77-play a game try a new game-Greg learned how to play guess who - suited to his age of course, but he likes playing it. We're missing pieces though. Maybe I'll put that on his birthday list.
Day 76-make popcorn balls-going to pass on this one
Day 75-take a walk collect some leaves and make leaf art-passing on this one also
Day 74-advent activity calendar-at Christmas time I have various Christmas books that I have wrapped in paper all in the christmas/holiday theme and we read one a night. Saving the Night Before Christmas for Christmas Eve. Each year, if I have a book that is two babyish for the kids, I give it away and purchase a new one.
Day 73-a project you've been meaning to work on-I swapped my seasonal clothes
Day 72-make an appointment for a Christmas picture-I'm going to have my friend take one so we coordinating dates
Day 71-check Christmas wrapping inventory-will do this over the weekend maybe tonight if I remember.
Day 70-make sure you are ready for trick or treaters-we usually miss them, my husband and I both go out with the kids on Halloween so no one is home, but just in case someone does walk up, I do leave the candy bowl on the deck table with a note that says "Help Yourself"
Day 69-pick a craft to do with the family for the holidays-I will look into something the kids and I can do.

Okay this weekend I have a stamp camp at my friend's house it's with a cute cupcake set from the new Stampin Up catty, I will try to post my creations once they are done. We also have other normal house things to do. I hope to get some pictures of the kids playing in the leaves this weekend.

Have a good one!

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Jennifer said...

Great job! You are right on track for your best Christmas yet!!