October 1st Already!

October 1st? How the heck did that happen? Geez. That’s okay. I’m doing alright, I think. I hope to put out some Halloween decorations this weekend. I’ve done fall, but now I’ll do my Halloween stuff.

Today at my work place is the Bake Sale I mentioned the other day. It’s to raise money for my friend who has Lupus. So far it’s going great.

As I said Monday, I’m participating in Ali Edward’s Week in the Life album. It’s fun and hard at the same time. I just hope I follow through and do these pages. See Ali’s blog link to the right to check it out.

So tell me if you’re reading this blog, what you think of any of the new shows that are on? What have you watched? What have you liked? Or disliked? I’m loving The Mentalist so far and Fringe. I think that’s the only new shows I’ve seen so far that I’ve really liked.

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