Update on Christmas Countdown

I left off on number 88 so here's the next few days...

Day 87-make apple crisp-mmm, how I do love Apple Crisp. However I am participating in a Biggest Loser Contest at work. This would not help my weight loss. lol
Day 86-Halloween party-we won't be having one of those.
Day 85: Start decorating for Halloween-while my fall stuff is up I haven't yet done the Halloween decorating. I will do this on Oct. 12th.
Day 84: Look for family's Halloween Clothing-my kids don't have anything right now. I do have a tshirt and sweatshirt.
Day 83: Go through gift list, are there people you can make a handmade gift for? I have already started this list. Just trying to figure out what I'm making everyone.
Day 82: Will the family be dressing up together? no
Day 81: Take a fall foliage ride-I get to do this just about everyday. I have a beautiful ride along Route 17 in the Catskills. It provides beautiful foliage.
Day 80: Start going through the catalogs that are coming for holiday gifts - I started doing this as well.

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PC said...

i am exhausted just reading the list - you have more energy than i do...