Wow where have I been?

Okay yes I've been missing, I've just been busy with life stuff, and then there was the snowstorm on October 29th that's above. I'm cough35cough and I don't ever remember snow before Halloween. It's been cold but never snow. Eek!

Over here on the left that's Greg being Mater for Halloween.
Below, that's Julia in our trunk at Trunk or Treat. I don't get crazy with decorating the car, just looking to have fun.

The first pumpkin is mine, I cheated I used one of those kits that you punch a bunch of holes in it and then play connect the dots.

That's Greg's Jack O'Lantern, he designed it himself.

That's Julia's Jack O'Lantern she designed her own too.

So in other news, the dealership is holding my car hostage. Well not really but it's been there since Tuesday. Guess when I break something I do a really good job at it. I miss my car, I love my car. The car they gave me is fine, however I'm tall and long legged and the seats in this thing are not made for the long legged person. Okay back to the regularly scheduled program.
Just took my Halloween decos down last night. Left up the fall stuff, I need to look for a few Thanksgiving items. I need to start working on my holiday gifts that I'm making and I was also just asked to make the invitations for a friends birthday so I need to work on that. The list is starting to make me nervous.
Okay, I've updated now and hopefully it won't take me so long to update again.
Be good!

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