Our house guest for the weekend and other ramblings

This is Gregory with Brown Bear Barney, he belongs to my son's kindergarten teacher, he comes home with a different student every weekend. He comes home with a change of clothes,
his quilt and pillow, his favorite books and a journal which you fill out with what Barney did with your family for the weekend. Gee do you think Greg is excited?

Weird weather this weekend. First Saturday (opening day of hunting season) it was like 60 degrees and poured. Jersey had tornado warnings. We had some crazy wind here too.

Today it was like 36 degrees with crazy whipping wind. Julia is finally feeling better. She's going back to school tomorrow. Yay! She's been driving me crazy.

I made some cards tonight, however my camera battery died so I'll try to get pics later this week.

Saturday is Gregory's 5th birthday. How the heck did that happen?

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PC said...

we have crazy weather here too...below freezing and windy. i remember the days when the kids brought home the class "traveler" - we used to try and plan special stuff for that weekend so we didn't seem boring.