Happy New Year!!

Well it's that time again, another year over a new one beginning. The anticipation of a "fresh" start. One thing I'm very excited about is starting a class from Stacy Julian's website Big Picture Scrapbooking. It starts on Thursday. I can't wait.

Of course I have the normal things listed this year for resolutions: weight loss, better organized, yada yada!

In other news, my mother went to the ER yesterday, she's home. The good news is the tumor in her lung, has not grown. And the daily treatments she takes must be helping because something looked better yesterday than 7 mos ago. So that's all good. Because the dr at the time told her possibly a year. Keep your fingers crossed for me will ya. I'd like to keep her around a bit longer.

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jenny said...

Peggy, what wonderful news about your Mom...yay!

Let me know how the BPS class goes. Sounds like fun.

Oh...ahem, some of my goals (cough*cough) are the same as yours. ;)