Okay so I fell asleep yesterday and missed posting POD

Geez! I even missed like the final minutes of CSI. I don't know if they showed Grissom going after the other bug guy or not. Showing him he was wrong. All I know was I woke up and Without a Trace was in Mexico. Anyways enough babbling. The POD of 11/3/05 is the picture of the Monahan's Reef sign. It's located in our playroom. It hold a very important memory for my dh. It was his Grandfather's then his Uncles ran it after his grandfather died. This will be the wall of honor I guess you could say. It starts with the sign. Then other pieces of the bar that are in storage will be hung here. As well as some pictures of his deceased grandparents and uncle who will still hold very dear to our hearts.
Todays POD(11-4-05)I had taken with my cell phone, but it appears I cannot download it to the computer. I have to find out how to get the software or whatever I need. So I took a picture of the picture on the cell phone. It kind of loses the effect I was going for. I had taken a picture of my clock in my car that read 5:00pm. Because it's the start of the weekend for me!! Yippee!!

As I mentioned in an earlier thread. I get to go see Fairyscrapmother tomorrow. Plus go to the SS that I've been trying to get to for awhile. Whoo hoo! I'm so easily amused can't you tell. Oh well. Hopefully I'll have great photos of tomorrow.


Sherri said...

Neat sign! I am jumping for joy at 5pm on Fridays too.

SageHen said...

It is such a good idea to photograph and journal these momentos, they add so much to our lives.

rosagirl said...

What a cool idea. Can't wait to see more of the bar as it goes up.

Heather (boobugbear) said...

Great sign!! ROFL at 5 pm... ;-) Gotta love the weekends!