Hanging things

Two things were done today, the hanging of the masks that hung in my dh's grandfathers bar and our outside Christmas lights. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!! Is she nuts? Nope I've learned that you should put them up while it warm out. So out they went this afternoon. It was another beautiful day. It's 3 weeks till Thanksgiving. When I used to hang them then I'd usually freeze. So better to hang them now and light them later.

Now let me explain the pictures. While no they aren't my first choice to hang in my house, I will admit that I have decorated every other room in the house so I have to be fair and let him decorate the bar/playroom. The sign came from the bar his grandfather and then uncles owned. The masks all hung on the walls. So up they went. I have to admit they don't look half bad up there. And they will be a major conversation piece. It's really cool to have a piece of my husbands family's past so it's all good.


SageHen said...

It is hard to give over space for what your husband deams as art, isn't it. But these are cool and they look like they have an interesting history.

rosagirl said...

Those masks are so awesome! And what a smart idea to hang lights while it's still warm. :)

Heather (boobugbear) said...

The masks are fabulous!! Love the pics!