What Two Peas can teach you.

I've learned alot in the 8 1/2 months that I've become a fellow follower of 2 Peas. For anyone in my family who may read this, it's twopeasinabucket.com a website where fellow scrapbookers can shop, talk about everything and anything and learn alot from each other. I started following the pub board pretty regularly in December. Everyone there cracks me up. Everyone has something to offer whether it be photo tips, journaling, industry related items. Or things not related to scrapbooking. The latter being the most fun usually. I've learned that I have SO MUCH more to learn about scrapbooking and that is a good thing. I want to learn more. I want to grow as an artist (which I am surprisingly) I want to learn to journal better and leave my family with something important. Who know if anyone from 2 Peas will even read this. But thank you everyone of you for contributing just a little bit. Your praise warms my heart on my not so strong layouts. And I will get better as I learn from all of you.

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Jess Elliott said...

Well of course we peas from 2peas check each other's blogs! BTW, you are a very good writer. Isn't blogging fun?