2008 is finally over

This christmas was very hard for me. The first one without my mom. There have been past years where she didn't come because she was worried she might catch a cold and for someone with emphysema she had to try and stay healthy. But at least I could have talked to her about the preparations and reactions etc. I can't call her anymore. And I can't tell you how many times I still start to pick up the phone and then remember I can't call her.

I broke down on Christmas morning, while getting ready. I'm glad the kids didn't see. It took me a bit but I finally got myself together.

And then again the next day at my inlaws. Everyone there was family, but not mine ya know. Know one saw that one either. I just didn't want to bring down any one else's holiday.

The picture above is from Christmas day, that's my dad, my 2 very tall nephews, one is 19 and the other is 14. And my kiddos.

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PC said...

the first holiday is the worst. it gets a bit better after a few. i found it comforting to incorporate traditions/items from that person into my holiday prep. hugs to you