Anniversary of 9/11

I was at work, the NY State Liquidation Bureau had taken over our company about 2 weeks prior to the date. Work was under a lot of diress from that but I remember very clearly what happened that morning. I was walking past a coworker's desk when she said Oh My God a plane hit the trade center. What do you mean hit the trade center. I was thinking a little 2 seater plane maybe thought wow how do you hit a building? Then someone else turned the radio on and for the next 3 1/2 hours we sat and listened to the radio. I remember at lunch I couldn't eat we went into the gym we had at work and watched the news. The people from the bureau were trying to get a hold of fellow co workers still in NYC, their office was not too far from the Trade Center. They let us go home that day. I remember picking up Julia from the sitter. Her daughters lived down there, but had not made the trek into the city yet for school so they were home safe. Fortunately I did not know anyone who did not make it. Although I still cry everytime something comes on about that day. My birthday is September 13th, that was the worst birthday ever. There was no way I could celebrate that day. Not when people were still wondering if there loved ones were alive.

My brother in law is in the National Guard. His job was to check out every vehicle going over the George Washington Bridge. He was able to come home 2 weeks later.

I never hugged my family so hard as I did that tday.

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