10 Things I did today

1. laundry
2. bought cat and rabbit food at the pet store
3. bought some flowers
4. planted flowers
5. weeded the garden
6. made venison parmesan and spaghetti (YUM)
7. played Guess Who
8. marked dd's stuff for summer day camp
9. watched NASCAR
10. cleaned the hallway walls with the magic eraser

Ten things I should of done
1. paid the bills
2. dusted
3. vacuumed
4. meal planned
5. taken a nap
6. bought more flowers
7. cleaned off the kitchen island
8. straightened the pantry closet
9. called my mom
10.walked on the treadmill


Danielle Holsapple said...

your DID list is way funner than your TO DO list!

Tawnya said...

goodness you did good, look at all you did :) I need to do a list!